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October 2nd, 2012 by mamawise

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December 5th, 2007 by mamawise

Credit: Wordsies(TM)How do you tactfully get across to other people that you would rather them not kiss or touch your children? How about when someone tries to touch your child without washing their hands first? Or how about when someone lights up a cigarette near them? Well, Wordsies Wear makes it easy to make a statement, without having to actually “speak” a word. Wordsies is a line of unique infant and toddler shirts that tell and remind others that babies need that extra special care and caution.

Wordsies ShirtI received my Wordsies shirt in a package just before Thanksgiving, and I was delighted when opening it. It was packaged with such care and it looked like it was wrapped to be ready for gift-giving! The shirt was just adorable, made of the softest cotton. And the statement “Please Don’t Smoke Near Me” was so fitting, as I have on numerous occasions been in the presence of people who didn’t realize that I did not want them to smoke in the presence of my children, and I never knew how to tell them tactfully to stop. I always just took my child and left, without trying making a scene. This Wordsies shirt is just what I was looking for because I am so non-confrontational, and this allows me to make my stance on smoking known to everyone around me without offending anybody.

Wordsies shirts come in short or long sleeves onesies or t-shirts that range in size from 3 months to 24 months. Wordsies has also just expanded their line with new embroidered hats that are super cute. And best of all, Wordsies is a philanthropic company, donating a portion of all its proceeds to SIDS research. For more information about these products and to order Wordsies Wear, please visit the Wordsies Website. Use the coupon code “Germs″ and receive 10% off of your purchase!

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