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Britax Car Seats

January 20th, 2009 by mamawise

My children have been in Britax car seats all their lives, and I couldn’t be happier knowing that we are safe anytime we have to drive anywhere. Britax is the leader in the car seat industry. They have several patented innovations which help make your child safe in your vehicle and work to minimize movement of the seat and your child in the event of a collision.

The first is their patented True Side Impact Protection™ system which helps transfer energy away from your child in the event of a side impact collision. As explained on the website, the design features of their True Side Impact Protection™ system include: 1) an energy-absorbing foam liner over a stiff structure to distribute crash forces; 2) side walls that shield the child from vehicle intrusion; 3) deep head wings and side wings for head and body containment; and 4) an adjustable head support to minimize lateral head movement during a crash. These features are extremely important since data shows that 25% of all vehicle crashes are the result of a side impact collision.

Second, Britax‘s patented Versa-Tether® system reduces movement of the seat in both the forward and rear-facing positions by having two attachment points on the child seat and anchoring the top of the car seat to the vehicle. The two attachment points feature the LATCH system, but the seat can also be installed using your vehicles seat belts if it is not LATCH capable. I have found that my Britax car seats were very easy to install with the LATCH system and are incredibly stable having nearly no movement side-to-side or forward and backward, no matter how hard I try to push on them.

Third, Britax offers five-point harnessed seats with their patented HUGS™ (Harness Ultra Guard System) which reduces a child’s forward head movement in the event of a crash. These car seats also allow for higher weight capacities up to 65 pounds in convertibles and 80 pounds in youth seats. Their seats also have the feature of being able to remain rear-facing up to 35 pounds. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ride rear facing to the highest weight or height allowed by the manufacturer, so this is a wonderful feature that allows your child to remain rear-facing longer than other car seats.

Britax car seats come in several styles, from compact convertible to combination booster, in order to best fit your child for their specific age and weight. For more information regarding Britax car seats and their safety features please visit their website at

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Traffic Glam Carseat Covers

April 7th, 2008 by wisemama

Traffic Glam Car Seat CoversTraffic Glam Car Seat Covers are definitely the sassiest covers you’ll find for your baby’s car seat! It’s always good to have a cover for your car seat especially one that can be washed easily. In my situation, it’s essential to have a car seat cover. My son has recently developed motion sickness while in the car, which means occasionally big messes. Having the Traffic Glam Cover over the past few weeks has been a blessing! It is so easy to put onto your car seat and also to take off. But by far the most important thing is how well it protects my Britax car seat from getting dirty. Before having the Traffic Glam Cover, I had to take the whole seat out of the car, strip it down and hand wash the fabric seat.   Now, I am able to take off the cover and throw it in the washing machine, making cleanup a breeze!

Traffic Glam Carseat Covers come in many different gender neutral and gender specific patterns.  You can currently choose from two different types of fabric – 100% cotton canvas and natural suede.  All are machine washable and dryer safe.  The covers go on and come off very easily because there is no need to detract the car seat straps.  Traffic Glam Carseat Covers come in two sizes to fit most 5-point harness child/toddler car seats – small (which fits a Britax roundabout or similar sized seat) and large (which fits a Britax Marathon/Decathlon or similar sized car seats).  For more information or to order Traffic Glam Carseat Covers please visit the Traffic Glam Online Shop.

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Graco Quattro Tour Travel System

January 4th, 2008 by mamawise

Graco Travel SystemI was in the mall the other day with my oldest son pushing him around in his “buggy” as he calls it. Just then I realized that this stroller, part of the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System, had lasted for over two and a half years and was still going strong. This stroller has withstood the acrobatics of two rambunctious little boys and survived two summers of being pushed up and down a 100 foot gravel driveway. The Graco Travel System was one of the first items I put on my registry before having my son, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. The best part of this travel system was that it came complete with a stroller, car seat, and car seat base.

The Graco Quattro stroller has some of the main features I was looking for in a stroller. It has a fully reclining seat for infants, which later can be adjusted into several upright positions for the comfort of your child as he or she grows. The wheels are bigger than some of the other strollers I saw, and they turn and move very smoothly. The wheels are also pretty durable, as they have endured my gravel driveway like I mentioned above. Additionally, the Graco Quattro stroller has a large storage compartment that is big enough to hold my diaper bag plus some. It also folds flat with a one-handed operation, fitting nicely into the trunk of a car.

The Graco Quattro stroller is compatible with the Graco Snugride car seat which is part of the whole travel system. You just snap the seat into or out of the stroller without having to disturb your infant if they have fallen asleep in the car seat. The car seat features a padded 5-point harness, a retractable sun canopy, and a padded headrest insert to support your baby’s head when they are too young to hold their own head up. Most importantly, it has a very good safety rating per Consumer Reports. The seat fits babies up to 20 pounds and 26 inches in length. The compatible car seat base stays in the car while the Snugride car seat just snaps into and out of the base, also easing the transition from car to home to stroller.

All of the Graco Quattro Tour Travel Systems come in gender specific or gender neutral patterns and styles that can be matched to other Graco products such as diaper bags, play yards, swings, etc. If you would like more information regarding Graco Products, please visit GracoBaby.

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JJ Cole Infant BundleMe

November 7th, 2007 by mamawise

JJ Cole Infant BundleMeIt’s that time of year again when the weather is starting to get cold, and blankets never seem to stay on with a wiggly infant in a carseat. Also, infants tend to be particularly impatient when it comes to being dressed in several layers of clothing.

My son was born in March of last year and here it stays cold until somewhere around May. In anticipation of the colder weather I knew I wanted to get some sort of bunting cover for my car seat and stroller, so I purchased the JJ Cole Infant BundleMe. When I first opened it, I couldn’t believe how soft and pleasant the fabric was. The inner fabric was a velvety soft microsuede and the outside was a chic waterproof and windproof nylon material. The fit was great too – I have a Graco Snugride infant carseat that this fit on perfectly. The straps easily fit right through it, too. The best part was that I didn’t need a blanket and I didn’t need to layer my son with clothes if he had to go somewhere in his carseat. Once zipped up, the BundleMe kept him snug and warm even in the coldest and windiest of weather. I even continued to use it without the top cover once the weather got warmer, simply because the microsuede is a much more pleasant material than the carseat itself.

The JJ Cole BundleMe comes in two different sizes: infant and toddler, and it comes in several styles and colors. The particular style I have is called Urban, and this is the style with the microfleece – Other styles have different types of warm fabrics, such as shearling and fleece. The BundleMe has been crash tested on carseats, and the carseats comply with all crash safety standards with the BundleMe on. For more information about this product visit the JJ Cole Collections website.

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Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller

October 30th, 2007 by mamawise

When my son was 14 months old, we planned a two week trip to Poland to visit with my grandparents (his great-grandparents) and we brought the Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller with us. Sit 'n Stroll Carseat/StrollerThis combo stroller/carseat turned out to be one of the best things we purchased for our trip. This is a must have for parents who travel extensively with their children!

The Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller is a comfortable carseat with a 5 point harness that with one squeeze of a handle transforms into a stroller. We were able to take my son into and out of the car without unstrapping him from the seat, which was very convenient at the airport. Also, this seat is FAA approved and although we didn’t use it on the plane (he was still a lap kid) we saw another couple using it on the same plane as a seat. It even fits through the x-ray machines! While in Europe we used it as a car seat in all the taxis and buses that we took. It went everywhere we went, even all over the cobblestone streets, which was truly a test to its durability. The Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller also steers very well and the handle is comfortable and easy enough to use for steering with one hand. We now have it handy as a backup carseat, if we ever needed it. We are planning a trip to Florida next spring and you can be sure that the Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller will be on our list of things to take.

The Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller can be used rear or forward facing in the car. It is approved for airline use. It can also be used as a booster seat in restaurants. It accommodates 5-40 lbs, and itself weighs 17lbs. For more information and to purchase the Sit n’ Stroll, please visit: Lilly Gold Online Boutique.

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