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The Backyardigans “Born to Play” CD

January 10th, 2008 by mamawise

Nickelodeon and Sony BMG have another hit on their hands with the latest new Backyardigans CD “Born to Play”, which is released on January 22nd. My kids and I have been listening to this CD, which we received as a pre-release a few weeks ago, pretty much non-stop. My son is a big fan of the Backyardigans, as am I, and we look forward to listening to it during our “dance-time” after dinner. The Backyardigans are a group of 5 neighbors that meet up in the backyard and act out different adventures, transforming themselves into different characters in far off lands. The music is what makes this series for children stand out above the rest, in my opinion. It is even a pleasure for adults to listen to the catchy songs.

The Backyardigans “Born to Play” CD is packed with 22 full-length songs from the hit Nick Jr. series, spanning musical genres ranging from jazz to zydeco to hip-hop and even arena rock. Guest artists featured on this CD include Alicia Keys, Cyndi Lauper, and Adam Pascal. As an added bonus, this particular CD features all of the songs from the much anticipated “Tale of the Mighty Nights” movie event, which is scheduled to air January 14th. “Born to Play” is available for purchase January 22nd, and will be packaged in an earth-friendly recycled sleeve. There are also other Backyardigans CDs currently available in addition to this new release. They are “The Backyardigans” and “Groove to the Music”. All of these are available in the children’s sections of most music stores or on Amazon for purchase.

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