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Graco Quattro Tour Travel System

January 4th, 2008 by mamawise

Graco Travel SystemI was in the mall the other day with my oldest son pushing him around in his “buggy” as he calls it. Just then I realized that this stroller, part of the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System, had lasted for over two and a half years and was still going strong. This stroller has withstood the acrobatics of two rambunctious little boys and survived two summers of being pushed up and down a 100 foot gravel driveway. The Graco Travel System was one of the first items I put on my registry before having my son, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. The best part of this travel system was that it came complete with a stroller, car seat, and car seat base.

The Graco Quattro stroller has some of the main features I was looking for in a stroller. It has a fully reclining seat for infants, which later can be adjusted into several upright positions for the comfort of your child as he or she grows. The wheels are bigger than some of the other strollers I saw, and they turn and move very smoothly. The wheels are also pretty durable, as they have endured my gravel driveway like I mentioned above. Additionally, the Graco Quattro stroller has a large storage compartment that is big enough to hold my diaper bag plus some. It also folds flat with a one-handed operation, fitting nicely into the trunk of a car.

The Graco Quattro stroller is compatible with the Graco Snugride car seat which is part of the whole travel system. You just snap the seat into or out of the stroller without having to disturb your infant if they have fallen asleep in the car seat. The car seat features a padded 5-point harness, a retractable sun canopy, and a padded headrest insert to support your baby’s head when they are too young to hold their own head up. Most importantly, it has a very good safety rating per Consumer Reports. The seat fits babies up to 20 pounds and 26 inches in length. The compatible car seat base stays in the car while the Snugride car seat just snaps into and out of the base, also easing the transition from car to home to stroller.

All of the Graco Quattro Tour Travel Systems come in gender specific or gender neutral patterns and styles that can be matched to other Graco products such as diaper bags, play yards, swings, etc. If you would like more information regarding Graco Products, please visit GracoBaby.

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Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller

October 30th, 2007 by mamawise

When my son was 14 months old, we planned a two week trip to Poland to visit with my grandparents (his great-grandparents) and we brought the Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller with us. Sit 'n Stroll Carseat/StrollerThis combo stroller/carseat turned out to be one of the best things we purchased for our trip. This is a must have for parents who travel extensively with their children!

The Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller is a comfortable carseat with a 5 point harness that with one squeeze of a handle transforms into a stroller. We were able to take my son into and out of the car without unstrapping him from the seat, which was very convenient at the airport. Also, this seat is FAA approved and although we didn’t use it on the plane (he was still a lap kid) we saw another couple using it on the same plane as a seat. It even fits through the x-ray machines! While in Europe we used it as a car seat in all the taxis and buses that we took. It went everywhere we went, even all over the cobblestone streets, which was truly a test to its durability. The Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller also steers very well and the handle is comfortable and easy enough to use for steering with one hand. We now have it handy as a backup carseat, if we ever needed it. We are planning a trip to Florida next spring and you can be sure that the Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller will be on our list of things to take.

The Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller can be used rear or forward facing in the car. It is approved for airline use. It can also be used as a booster seat in restaurants. It accommodates 5-40 lbs, and itself weighs 17lbs. For more information and to purchase the Sit n’ Stroll, please visit: Lilly Gold Online Boutique.

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