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Custard ‘n Jelly Guardian Angels

March 28th, 2012 by mamawise

The Custard ‘n Jelly Guardian Angels are a set of amazingly adorable dolls created and originally drawn by a young girl at the age of 8. There are seven Guardian Angel Dolls: Ally, Ruby, Roxy, Lexi, Katie, Laney, and Cami. Each one has a unique and interesting story (angel skills and wing status) which highlights their special angel skills and how they will watch over their new owner. They are all 8″ soft fabric dolls with cute embroidered faces and interchangeable outfits. Each Guardian Angel also has a set of iridescent wings and halo.

My first reaction to these lovely dolls were how very cute they are. My nieces really loved these dolls when they saw them. They are a good size for pretend doll play and are soft enough to cuddle and even sleep with. I think they are well suited for girls for ages 5 and up, because they make for great play dolls at that age and have a wonderful story that parents can share with their children. Also, when your little girl receives her angel, she gets a code to register her angel, allowing her to donate a part of the proceeds to one of three children’s charities.

You can get your own Guardian Angel doll on their website: Custard ‘n Jelly and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a really nice CafePress Page which has cute accessories for a little girl (and her mom too!)

*Disclaimer* I was graciously sent two of these lovely dolls from Custard ‘n Jelly and am not, in anyway, being compensated otherwise for this review.

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Huggies Baby Wipes

March 22nd, 2012 by mamawise

Huggies Baby Wipes are something that I still use today even with my boys being older. My personal favorites are the Fragrance-Free Natural Care ones. I have been using these wipes for over 6 years and absolutely love them. When my kids were babies, they were the softest, most gentle baby wipes on their little bums. These wipes also were durable and did not rip with some heavier cleaning needs. My kids still use these wipes to wipe their mouths, wipe their hands, wipe up spills, etc. I always keep a box in my car for anything my kids or I would need them for that would need a bit of cleaning.

I, myself, use Huggies Baby Wipes daily to remove makeup! They work better than any makeup remover wipe that I have tried in the past and they are so much less expensive then paying for those brand-name makeup remover wipes. Plus, they are very gentle on your face and are able to pretty much remove any makeup you throw at them! I always travel with them to keep my face feeling fresh and clean.

I found that the best place to get these wipes at unbelievably low prices is at Walmart stores and

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Nintendo 3DS

March 11th, 2012 by mamawise

I just had to post about the Nintendo DS, and specifically the new Nintendo 3DS. This is one of those “they won’t put them down unless told by mom and dad that they’ve reached their limit” toys. My boys absolutely love their DS‘s, taking them in the car for long trips, for sleepovers at grandma’s house, and anywhere they are allowed by mom and dad. They originally had the Nintendo DS XL‘s for the past 2 years and just got the Nintendo 3DS‘s for Christmas this year. And they definitely were a big hit, as we got the Flame Red and Aqua Blue colors. The Flame Red even came with a Super Mario Brothers game in 3D.

The Nintendo DS XL has a bit of a larger screen than the 3DS, which is a bit of a bummer. But knowing Nintendo I am sure that the 3DS will eventually come out in a XL version as well. The perks of the 3DS are the really rad 3D imaging that shows in the top screen. Also the buttons are much easier to control on the 3DS. It really is pretty cool to watch the 3D games especially Mario Kart 7, a definite favorite of my boys.

The Nintendo 3DS is compatible both 3DS games and regular DS games, while the same is not true for the regular Nintendo DS. It does not support the 3DS games and it’s easy to tell because the 3DS cartridges are slightly different sized so they are unable to go into the regular Nintendo DS.

All in all, Nintendo definitely has a winner on their hands with all their DS consoles. They keep coming out with more games, and there are quite a few now that are games geared more toward learning like reading, spelling and math games. Which is always a plus to add some learning into the gaming experience.

If you do decide to purchase any of the Nintendo DS‘s, just remember to always limit your kids game time, because if not monitored carefully they could easily sit there all day long playing the day away.

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Capri Sun 100% Fruit Juice

March 1st, 2012 by mamawise

How excited am I that Capri Sun has finally made a 100% fruit juice available? Very! I have always been disappointed that most fruit juices for children have 15% fruit juice and a whole bunch of other additives. Slowly, things seems to be changing around and it is getting a lot easier to finally find 100% juices both bottled and boxed.

Capri Sun is now in my awesome book because my kids love to drink out of those silver pouches, they are easy to pack, easy to store, and now have a 100% juice variety. These varieties currently come in Citrus, Grape, Berry, Apple, and Fruit Punch. My boys love the berry and fruit punch varieties most of all. I wish we could get other juice companies to follow suit, but I just have to say Kudos to Capri Sun. You’ve made this mama and her kids very happy!

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Crayola Washable Super Tip Markers

February 29th, 2012 by mamawise

Both my boys are absolutely loving these awesome Crayola Markers!  We bought two sets of 50 about two months ago and all the markers are still going strong.  These markers feature a “Super Tip” which allows children to draw very fine, thin lines as well as being able to use the sides for coloring thick lines.  There are actually 50 distinct colors in the packs and 12 of them are referred to as “Silly Scent” markers.  These 12 markers really do have great scents and are listed as follows: Cherry, Spice, Orange, Lemon, Honeysuckle, Green Apple, Forest Pine, Fresh Air, Bay Breeze, Burnt Marshmallow and Vanilla.

I’ve been able to wash these markers off of wood tables, walls, hands and even a white shirt.  They truly are very washable!  They will bleed through very thin paper, such as that of regular coloring book paper, so I recommend buying a thicker type paper or even craft paper if you want your little one’s artwork to remain on one side of the paper.

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