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Barefoot Books

June 15th, 2008 by wisemama

Barefoot BooksBarefoot Books are a very creative and intelligent line of children’s books, created by two mothers in 1993 who wanted to publish a line of books which introduced children to languages, other cultures and traditions, and high-quality art. They succeeded in creating a very imaginative and thought-provoking line of books and CDs that not only are fun, but also are educational to both children and their parents. Barefoot Books works with authors and storytellers from around the world, each one bringing their own cultural flavor to the stories. The artwork and illustrations are cute and colorful, also bringing a unique flair to the stories for which they are drawn.

Summer Sale NORTH AMERICA Small Square ButtonI am especially a fan of the book My Daddy is a Pretzel. Being a yoga enthusiast myself, it is wonderful to read a book describing the art of yoga to my son as well as teaching him about yoga postures and how they can be integrated into our everyday lives. It is surprising to find how easily my son has picked up on the art of yoga by reading this book with me. He has so much fun trying all of the postures in the book, which makes this story all the more amazing in that it engages him actively.

The Barefoot Books Website is a fantastic place to explore their unique line of books, CDs and gifts, as well as an interactive website for you and your children to visit. They have printable activity sheets, workbook pages, coloring pages, masks, and puzzles which are based on their line of books.

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Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills: Preschool

February 20th, 2008 by wisemama

I bought the Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills: Preschool book when my son turned two, because I noticed that he was very interested in naming shapes and colors and thought he might do well with some sort of learning tool, even at this early age. Well, he has absolutely loved this book from day one! We have been reading mainly the beginning of the book, which deals with colors. He is now to the point where he spells each color and sounds it out to read it. Everyday he comes up to me and asks if we can “spell the colors”. He loves the colorful pictures and enjoys describing them all to me. He is soaking this book up like a sponge. I do believe that it is slightly advanced for a two year old, especially the sections where they have the child trace the words with their finger, but it seems as though my son will surprise me and start doing that sooner than I think. The Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills: Preschool is meant for ages three to four, but can be used sooner as a fun way to get your kid started with learning their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.

The Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills: Preschool is basically a workbook filled with over 540 colorful activity pages which consist of activities in basic concepts, reading, math, language arts, writing, and fine motor skills. This workbook helps you guide your child step-by-step through a variety of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities. The book is also aligned to State and National Standards for Preschool. Once your child has mastered the skills in this book, the Comprehensive Curriculum series then continues with 7 consecutive books, grades K-6.

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Priddy Books

November 19th, 2007 by mamawise

Credit: Priddy BooksMy son’s favorite book for some time has been My Little Word Book by Roger Priddy. This colorful and educational board book has over 300 essential first words and colorful pictures which help him learn about the world around him and stimulate his imagination. I can’t tell you how many new words he has learned simply from me reading this book with him. At age 2, he can name and describe practically every picture in this book and is so excited whenever we pull it out to “learn”. Also, because it is a board book, it stands up well to a lot of toddler wear and tear.

Priddy Books publishes many types of wonderful children’s books, all with vibrant and educational pictures. There are books about shapes, numbers, colors, animals, first words, trains, etc. Some of the books are cloth, others are board books, and they even have feel-and-learn type books. The books are geared toward three different age groups: Happy Baby (0-2 years), Preschool (2-5 years), and Smart Kids (over 5 years). Priddy Books are also translated into 30 different languages, and several bilingual versions are available. Overall, Priddy Books are a great and fun developmental tool for all ages!

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