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Peace Love Mom

April 16th, 2008 by wisemama

Peace Love Mom

Celebrate Motherhood with Peace Love Mom!

Peace Love Mom Rock and Roll tee Making mommy attire hip, Peace Love Mom has by far the coolest collections of mommy wear I’ve come across! Their 100% cotton tops add instant hipness to your closet. I definitely am a t-shirt kind of gal especially when at home with my kids. My personal favorite is the Rock and Roll Mom tee, which defines my personality and style as a mother. The fit is perfect and the fabrics are so light, soft and truly a pleasure to wear. So I say, why get a run-of-the mill t-shirt when you can have a high quality and sassy tee which proudly displays your celebration of motherhood.

Peace Love Mom Happy Baby teeCreated by a a trio of moms inspired by their passion for motherhood, Peace Love Mom features designs that both inspire and empower mothers everywhere. Whether your edgy, sweet, or somewhere in between, their designs capture the essence of you as an individual. Their tops all have great signature lines such as “Happy Mom”, “Lucky Mom”, and my most recent favorite “24 Hour Mom”. They also have a fantastic collection of baby wear which is just as hip as their mommy attire. So, not only can you dress yourself in style, your little ones can out-sass anyone on the playground!

Peace Love Mom Lucky Mom teeNow’s the perfect time to add these great tops to your wardrobe! Celebrate Mothers Day with any of Peace Love Mom‘s Soft Jersey Mom Tees or Classic Tees and definitely get ready to enjoy the warm weather with their hip and sassy line of Simply Mom Tanks. And as a special Mother’s Day gift, is running a great promotion – receive a Peace Love Mom tote bag with every purchase over $75 by entering MOTHERSDAY in the coupon code at checkout. How cool is that!

Peace Love Mom Carpool Candy teeAnd as an added bonus, Peace Love Mom has given our readers a fabulous exclusive coupon code – enter WISEMOMMY in the coupon code at checkout and get 10% off of all purchases over $20, good until May 15th!

So go check out their site at and celebrate your Motherhood in style!

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December 5th, 2007 by mamawise

Credit: Wordsies(TM)How do you tactfully get across to other people that you would rather them not kiss or touch your children? How about when someone tries to touch your child without washing their hands first? Or how about when someone lights up a cigarette near them? Well, Wordsies Wear makes it easy to make a statement, without having to actually “speak” a word. Wordsies is a line of unique infant and toddler shirts that tell and remind others that babies need that extra special care and caution.

Wordsies ShirtI received my Wordsies shirt in a package just before Thanksgiving, and I was delighted when opening it. It was packaged with such care and it looked like it was wrapped to be ready for gift-giving! The shirt was just adorable, made of the softest cotton. And the statement “Please Don’t Smoke Near Me” was so fitting, as I have on numerous occasions been in the presence of people who didn’t realize that I did not want them to smoke in the presence of my children, and I never knew how to tell them tactfully to stop. I always just took my child and left, without trying making a scene. This Wordsies shirt is just what I was looking for because I am so non-confrontational, and this allows me to make my stance on smoking known to everyone around me without offending anybody.

Wordsies shirts come in short or long sleeves onesies or t-shirts that range in size from 3 months to 24 months. Wordsies has also just expanded their line with new embroidered hats that are super cute. And best of all, Wordsies is a philanthropic company, donating a portion of all its proceeds to SIDS research. For more information about these products and to order Wordsies Wear, please visit the Wordsies Website. Use the coupon code “Germs″ and receive 10% off of your purchase!

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November 30th, 2007 by mamawise

I never gave a second thought to the everyday products I used to clean my house prior to having children. However, after my son was born I started to realize that it was practically impossible to keep my son from coming into contact with the toxic chemicals in these cleaners. Babyganics Cleaning KitSo, it was with great excitement and relief when I heard about cleaning products that are non-toxic, organic, and 100% safe to use around children, namely Babyganics.

Currently, my 8 month old is teething and has the need to chew on everything – toys, furniture, remote controls, you name it and he’s chewed on it. So, my dilemma was how to clean my house and the items with which he comes into contact, without exposing him to harmful ingredients in the standard brand-name cleaners that we use. Plus, everytime I washed my floor, I had to make sure to rinse it several times in order to try and get rid of any residue left by the standard household floor cleaner, which certainly took quite a long time to do. When I first used Babyganics, I noticed that my cleaning time was cut in half – no more need to rinse and rinse and rinse. Best of all, the Babyganics line of cleaners worked even better than the brand-name cleaners I had been using! The shine on my oven and microwave was streakless and perfect! My son even helped me test out the All-Purpose Household Cleaner when he delightfully took a crayon to my countertop. The crayon just wiped right off – no scrubbing, just Babyganics and a plain old rag. This line of cleaning products is truly fantastic and it is 100% safe!

Babyganics has four different cleaners available for all types of cleaning jobs: Tub & Tile, All-Purpose Household, Floor, and Glass & Surface. Babyganics products are available nationwide in retailers such as Babies “R” Us and in select Wal-Marts and Target stores, or you can purchase them directly from the Babyganics Website and use coupon code “hbb10″ for 10% off your entire order and free shipping on orders $30.

Babyganics is also available for purchase through Amazon.

I highly recommend Babyganics cleaners to everyone so that we can keep our children safe and healthy, and so that we can do our part in helping to reduce toxins in the environment.

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Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller

October 30th, 2007 by mamawise

When my son was 14 months old, we planned a two week trip to Poland to visit with my grandparents (his great-grandparents) and we brought the Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller with us. Sit 'n Stroll Carseat/StrollerThis combo stroller/carseat turned out to be one of the best things we purchased for our trip. This is a must have for parents who travel extensively with their children!

The Sit ‘n Stroll Carseat/Stroller is a comfortable carseat with a 5 point harness that with one squeeze of a handle transforms into a stroller. We were able to take my son into and out of the car without unstrapping him from the seat, which was very convenient at the airport. Also, this seat is FAA approved and although we didn’t use it on the plane (he was still a lap kid) we saw another couple using it on the same plane as a seat. It even fits through the x-ray machines! While in Europe we used it as a car seat in all the taxis and buses that we took. It went everywhere we went, even all over the cobblestone streets, which was truly a test to its durability. The Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller also steers very well and the handle is comfortable and easy enough to use for steering with one hand. We now have it handy as a backup carseat, if we ever needed it. We are planning a trip to Florida next spring and you can be sure that the Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller will be on our list of things to take.

The Sit n’ Stroll Carseat/Stroller can be used rear or forward facing in the car. It is approved for airline use. It can also be used as a booster seat in restaurants. It accommodates 5-40 lbs, and itself weighs 17lbs. For more information and to purchase the Sit n’ Stroll, please visit: Lilly Gold Online Boutique.

Use The Wise Mommy’s EXCLUSIVE coupon code “LillyWise07″ on ANY purchase from Lilly Gold Online Boutique and get 10% off and FREE UPS shipping! Offer good until 03/31/08!

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