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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways on

December 1st, 2008 by mamawise

I just got the news that Baby Gizmo is playing Santa Claus! I had reviewed their fantastic book The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide and now they are having 12 fun-filled days of Christmas giveaways of their most favorite items for mom and baby! There will be lucky winners, one each day between December 1st and December 12th, of amazing prizes including products from: Maclaren, Svan, Kelty, JJ Cole, Mutsy, pediped, Stokke, Fisher Price, Moonlight Slumber, Kushies, Skip Hop, & Baby Bjorn.

The best thing about these giveaways is that all you need to do is log in to be entered to win! So head on over to and log in everyday for your chance to win one of these fantastic prizes! Oh and don’t forget about the Santa Baby Photo Contest starting today where you can win a sassy Peg Perego Skate Stroller.

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The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide

May 1st, 2008 by wisemama

We here at The Wise Mommy love giving you the scoop about the best baby and mommy products that we have had the chance to use and test in our own homes. Well, so do the great moms at, and now they have come out with a great book titled The Baby Gizmo Guide: From Pacifiers to Potties . . . Why, When, and What to Buy for Pregnancy Through Preschool. This book is one of the best encyclopedias of baby gear and products compiled for moms and parents who want the scoop on what they need at any stage of their children’s lives. The Baby Gizmo Guide doesn’t review based on brands, but rather it compares the range of a product to narrow the choices and help you decide what kind of product is best for your needs. This is definitely a must have for parents-to-be, new parents, and even the seasoned parent with toddlers or preschoolers! It is designed to help you be a smarter, more efficient baby product shopper, so go check it out!

The Baby Gizmo Guide is available on Amazon.comand don’t forget to check out the Baby Gizmo Website for even more scoop on what the best products out there are for you and your children!

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February 21st, 2008 by wisemama

Are you a mom or going-to-be a mom? No matter what type of mom you are, there’s a place for you at CafeMom. Think of it as MySpace for Moms! CafeMom is a great social site where you can meet other moms with the same interests as you. You can check out moms in your area and look for playgroups, you can search for various groups – from WAHM’s, to those interested in Handmade Baby Clothes, to Moms of Adopted Children. With thousands of groups to join, there is sure to be a group of moms that has the same interests, concerns, questions, and answers for you. You create your own profile page and put as much or as little information as you want. Post pictures of your kids or your family vacation, and post in your CafeMom blog about what’s going on in your neck of the woods. If you have your own personal blog on the web, link to it on your CafeMom profile so that other moms can come visit your site. For some added fun, you can add widgets, such as mp3 players and Flickr slideshows, to your profile page. The most important part is to have fun with it, and get to know some great moms!

Click on the link below and become part of the largest growing social networks made by moms for moms!

And don’t forget to look me up on CafeMom – my user name is Mama_Wise – and leave me a shout! See you there!

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January 14th, 2008 by wisemama

Credit: The BumpMommies-to-be have a hip new place on the web they can go and learn about all things related to pregnancy! The Bump is a great website that rightfully describes itself as “The Ultimate Local Guide to Pregnant Living”. With an acclaimed panel of experts discussing issues such as fitness, nutrition, baby gear, childbirth, etc., moms-to-be can get a sense of what’s in store for them during their pregnancies and what to expect following the birth of their baby. The Bump currently has a list of 13 major metropolitan cities where you can find retailers and resources from prenatal nutrition to nanny services, and everything in-between. The Bump also publishes featured articles on their website about topics such as traveling while pregnant, planning a baby shower, and surviving bed rest. The best part is that joining The Bump is free! As an added bonus for signing up, you get instant access to special offers from The Bump’s advertisers with your Bump Exclusive Rewards card, invitations to grand openings and local events in your area, and automatic entry to Bump-sponsored contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways throughout the year. Very cool, indeed! So, take a look around at and tell them The Wise Mommy sent you!

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Potty Training for Dummies

January 8th, 2008 by mamawise

I bought Potty Training for Dummies a few months before my son’s second birthday in anticipation of the challenge of potty training which lay ahead of me. It was totally by accident that I found this book in the bookstore. I didn’t even know they made one of these “Dummies” books for things like this, and since I was always a great fan of the other “Dummies” books, I just had to pick it up. Well, I ended up devouring this book in less than a day. It is funny, witty, and has a lot of great tips and ideas for potty training your toddler. I started implementing several of the tips as soon as I had read the book in order to start getting my son ready for “potty training weekend”. By starting some of the techniques right away, I was able to get my son to be daytime potty trained pretty much in 4 days, about a week before his 2nd birthday! Minor accidents are few and far between, but can and still do happen. When they do, I just use Potty Training for Dummies as a great reference to get things back on track. Nighttime is still being worked on as my son could sleep through a nuclear war, so he doesn’t wake up for going to the bathroom yet either. But it will all come in time!

Potty Training for Dummies is written by a mother and daughter team, who have raised their fair share of children. The daughter is also a doctor, so she gives some good medical perspective about the fine art of potty training your toddler. They offer expert advice on how to decide if your child is ready, choose the right time to start, say the right things with positive reinforcement, when to switch to training pants or underwear, and also how to cope with special cases and children with disabilities.

Potty Training for Dummies is available online at Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, as well as some local bookstores.

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