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Baby Blogger

April 20th, 2008 by wisemama

Babyblogger.comBlogging has taken the internet by storm! And now there is an easy and fun way to blog about your baby for your family and friends to see. is an advertising-free way to create an informative, creative blog about your little ones. Family and friends can visit your baby’s blog and read about how your baby is growing and see pictures that you upload. Keep your loved ones informed with memories and photos on your own “Baby Blog”. is very user friendly, geared toward even the non-seasoned blogger. You can have little to no internet know-how and still create a professional looking blog about your baby. Personalize your baby’s blog with one of Baby Blogger’s themed templates, and change the entire look of the site at anytime with one click. A couple more clicks, and your family and friends can see your latest photos and read your most recent journal entries. And one of the most important features of, your baby’s website is kept private and is only visible to those people you invite, so you don’t have to worry about strangers lurking on your kiddo’s blog.

So, go try it out! Your friends and family will absolutely love reading your baby blog, and you’ll have a ton of fun creating it!

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February 21st, 2008 by wisemama

Are you a mom or going-to-be a mom? No matter what type of mom you are, there’s a place for you at CafeMom. Think of it as MySpace for Moms! CafeMom is a great social site where you can meet other moms with the same interests as you. You can check out moms in your area and look for playgroups, you can search for various groups – from WAHM’s, to those interested in Handmade Baby Clothes, to Moms of Adopted Children. With thousands of groups to join, there is sure to be a group of moms that has the same interests, concerns, questions, and answers for you. You create your own profile page and put as much or as little information as you want. Post pictures of your kids or your family vacation, and post in your CafeMom blog about what’s going on in your neck of the woods. If you have your own personal blog on the web, link to it on your CafeMom profile so that other moms can come visit your site. For some added fun, you can add widgets, such as mp3 players and Flickr slideshows, to your profile page. The most important part is to have fun with it, and get to know some great moms!

Click on the link below and become part of the largest growing social networks made by moms for moms!

And don’t forget to look me up on CafeMom – my user name is Mama_Wise – and leave me a shout! See you there!

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Gevalia Kaffe

December 31st, 2007 by mamawise

Credit: Gevalia KaffeA little bit of heaven for mom! I thought I would include something yummy for moms as part of the reviews. And here is one of my favorite picks! Gevalia coffee has been my coffee of choice for several years now. Gevalia has been around for over 140 years, and now has an online membership service for connoisseurs of gourmet coffee. It offers over 40 varieties of coffee and tea for delivery right to your home. You can keep your kitchen stocked with their great coffees by deciding how often you want them to send you your selections. You can also change or cancel selections at anytime! Gevalia also has a gift shop and e-shop where you can pick out unique gifts for those coffee lovers in your life, or you can get coffee related products for your own kitchen.

Credit: Gevalia KaffeGevalia coffees are brewed with the finest 100% arabica beans, and you can order either the whole been or already ground versions. My personal favorite has to be their Chocolate Raspberry blend – just heaven! And my husband loves the Amaretto and French Vanilla varieties. The taste of all of their coffees that I have tried is very smooth and not acidic at all, the way I like them!

So, if you want to start drinking some really great gourmet coffee, visit Gevalia Kaffe and enter Offer Code: 117214 and you’ll get a free (shipping included!) 12 cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker with your first $10+ shipment!

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November 13th, 2007 by mamawise

Have you ever wanted to make your own customized Christmas cards with your children’s pictures? Were you ever wondering what would be a great unique gift for Grandma for the Holidays, such as a coffee mug with your daughters picture on it? Did you ever want to make a present for your kids of a book with them as the star? Are you expecting a baby and want to stay at home after the birth and custom make your baby announcements, having them delivered to your door within three days?

Christmas CardWell, this is where Shutterfly becomes an invaluable online photo service. I have been using Shutterfly for almost two years now – printing pictures, making albums, creating baby announcements, sending out Christmas cards, and giving unique presents to the grandparents, all without leaving my home. Every time I send something out or give a present, I hear “Where did you get this! It’s great!” or “Wow, what a fantastic gift!” My father uses his coffee mug, covered with a collage of his grandson, proudly at work. My in-laws love to play cards, and they have a great deck of cards with their grandchild’s picture on it. I have send Christmas cards with my kids’ pictures for two years now, and this past March, Shutterfly was the only place I thought about using for my son’s birth announcements.

Shutterfly is free to join and very easy to use. You upload as many pictures as you want onto their website, and then the sky is the limit. You can order prints in sizes from wallet to 20″ x 30″. Birth AnnouncementThey have a store where you can order custom cards, calendars, mugs, story books, magnets, and a ton of other great items, all featuring pictures of your kids and family. Any project that you start can be saved on their website so that you can always return later to edit and finish it. You can have your orders shipped to your home address, or if you want your prints now you can send them to the one hour photo at your neighborhood Target store! Shutterfly is also very affordable, and they constantly have deals that change weekly. I have gotten a free photobook, free custom cards, free prints, and a lot of free shipping promotions! All for just being a member on their site – which is free to join!

For more information please visit Shutterfly.

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