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We would love to hear from you regarding our website, your input on product reviews, and if you have a product for us to review. Please email us using the form below.

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We gladly accept products for review and there is no charge for the reviews. We will not be paid for our reviews, as our readers want our unbiased, honest opinions of the products we review. If you are interested in submitting samples for us to review and feature on the website, please fill out the contact form above and label the subject “Review”. We will be in touch with you shortly to give you specifics regarding how to send your sample to us and any sizing or additional information you may need from us.

Please note that it typically takes 1-2 weeks for a review to be completed on the website. Once the review is written and submitted, we would notify you by email of the direct link to the review. We typically do not return the samples that we review unless they do not meet our standards for usability, safety, or otherwise. Once your product has been reviewed, we would supply you with a button to which you can link back directly to your review from your website.