Nuby Straw Sippy Cup

Nuby Straw Sippy CupAlmost every picture of my son, has the Nuby Straw Sippy cup somewhere in the foreground or background. He takes this sippy cup with him everywhere. This is an item that gets used everyday, all day! We also take it with us whenever we leave the house and go out. This has definitely become our sippy of choice. My son took a liking to this sippy cup at about 8 months of age. He wasn’t able to tip up the regular spout sippy cups, and I read that straw cups were supposedly better for a child’s dental development as well as reduced cavities. So, I decided to get the Nuby Straw Sippy cup, thinking he might find it easier to use and that it could be better for him in the long run. From the moment he tried it, there was no going back to the other sippys. It was very easy for him to hold and sip from, and he did not need to tip the cup up at all. Now, even my youngest has taken a liking to his big brother’s sippys!

The Nuby Straw Sippy cup features a spill-proof silicone straw which adjusts the flow to how hard your child sips from it. My son throws this cup around a lot, and it truly is spill-proof! There is a sliding mechanism at the top to hide the straw for travel. The Nuby Straw Sippy does require some care in putting it together, but after doing it once or twice it became pretty easy. For more information about the Nuby Straw Sippy cup and other Nuby items, please visit Nuby’s Website.

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  1. emkassu said:

    My daughter has two of these. She loves the straw but I find that it does leak!

  2. Tiffany said:

    My son has had 4 of these cups. We lost one right away because I accidentally cut the straw off when I was opening the package. He broke 2 lids & 2 cups by throwing them (they cracked). My son loves them & they don’t leak too bad but they aren’t very durable (in my house anyway).

  3. Mylo said:

    These cups definitely leaks! I’ve tried several different brands in the past and decided to try Nuby out of desperation as the my older son’s favourite cup was out of stock.
    The very first time I carried one of these cups it flooded my bag completely while a valve on the underside of the lids were tightly capped. Then I tried the 2nd cup and it also had continuous dripping so I had to leave it.
    I am now definitely going back to the other brands I already trust.

  4. Jennifer said:

    I am surprised how many positive reviews I find for these cups. I bought 4 of them (in every color I could find, wish they had more colors). My daughter loves them, plus they hold 12oz…more than any other cup I found. However, within a matter of time, whether from her chewing them, or my cleaning them, the opening in the straw tears causing major leakage. Juice also “stores” in the top of the straw, spilling out when you pick them up or close the top. Wal-mart has them for around $2.48 each, so they aren’t expensive when it comes time to replace them, which you will have to do.

  5. Samantha said:

    My one year old son is on the small side and can’t turn the sippy cups up enough either. I love these straw sippies! He figured it out right away and won’t go back to any other type of sippy. Love!

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