The Wonder Pets

What a cute little show! The Wonder Pets are some of my son’s favorite characters on Nickelodeon right now. Currently, his favorite (and seasonally appropriate) episode is “Wonder Pets Save the Reindeer“. This cute DVD features the Wonder Pets (Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming the Duckling, and Tuck the Turtle) in a quest to save Santa’s baby reindeer who is stuck on cracking ice.

The whole premise behind all of the Wonder Pets shows is teamwork -working together to save or help a different baby animal in each episode. The Wonder Pets travel to different lands and countries and have the opportunity to encounter unique animals along the way. Each show has 2 mini episodes, averaging about 12 minutes each. Each episode is filled with music of varying genres and memorable lyrics with which your toddler can sing along. At the end of each episode, the Wonder Pets celebrate their great teamwork with a stalk of celery – and I have to tell you, this is the reason my son actually decided to try to eat celery in the first place! Thanks to the Wonder Pets, I finally am able to get my son to eat at least one vegetable – now if they would only start eating others, so that he could follow suit!

The Wonder Pets episodes are shown on Nick Jr. and they are now coming out on DVD – three DVD’s have been recently released, with two more scheduled for release in 2008. The DVDs contain several (usually 8 ) mini episodes, with a few exceptions such as the “Save the Reindeer” DVD which has a full-length episode along with 6 mini episodes.

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