Tushygear On The Road

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Emily of Tushygear, and sent a sample of her fantastic designs for review. Upon receiving her Tushygear On The Road diaper tote, I was amazed at how well made it is and how stylish it is for lugging around diapers and wipes when you are out and about.

Tushygear On The Road

Like many parents, when I am not using a diaper bag I have occasionally used the standard plastic bag to store my diapers and wipes, as well as using one of those vinyl changing pads in public places. Well, Tushygear is the answer to parents looking for something that helps you carry your diapers and wipes in a small tote that doubles as a super soft and snuggly diaper changing pad. It is compact enough to fit in a small bag or large purse, and it eliminates the need for those pesky plastic or ziplock bags. Sewed by hand in the USA, Tushygear On The Road diaper totes are made with a variety of colorful gender specific and gender neutral soft fabrics that are 100% cotton and completely machine washable. The website, Tushygear also features matching soft baby blankets, microfiber burp cloths, and elegant changing pad covers.

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  1. Elizabeth M. said:

    I’ve gotten lazier and lazier and sometimes I just throw a few diapers and wipes into a ziplock plastic bag and throw that into my roomie totebag/handbag.

  2. Rachel Crisman said:

    I haven’t had my baby yet but when we take my niece somewhere we are always forgetting wipes and we always remember diapers but they are always falling out of my bag at the worst moments! I hope to win this giveaway!

  3. Cascia @ Healthy Moms said:

    I have two toddlers and usually I pack a huge diaper bag with wipes and diapers. I also have to pack toys, snacks you name it, everything that you would need for two toddlers. My second child who is two-and-a-half is potty trained so I only need diapers and wipes for my youngest. It would be nice to have something more compact than the big bulky diaper bag I am currently using.

  4. Terra Jones said:

    When out & about w/ my sweet boy, I just throw everything in a back pack. It’s more comfortable to me than a “diaper bag” …but oh how I’d love to throw something like this in a purse and leave. It’s be so much easier to find than rummaging through the back pack!!!!

  5. Cindy said:

    As as mom of 10 you would think that I would have my act together and have all these things figured out. Honestly I often don’t even pack a diaper bag unless we are going out for a long time. More often than not I just have the kids grab a handful of diapers and some wipes and throw them on the floor of the van until needed. This is such a great and practical idea. THanks for the info about them!

  6. Andrea said:

    I too sometimes just throw a handful of stuff in the floor of our vehicle. I have also grabbed just a spare diaper and small pack of wipes and thrown them in my purse for short outings.

    All of their stuff is super cute!

  7. Heather said:

    Currently, I travel with a diaper full of stuff for an 18 mo. old – however, I would love to beable to just put a tushygear in my tote bag with the sippy cup, books and go. Not only is is practical but very pretty too – (or dapper if you look at the boy type prints)

  8. rachel said:

    THEY HAVE A MONKEY ONE!!! I want the Monkey one! It’s fate!
    22 months old and I don’t see p.t. coming anytime soon :-)
    I want the Monkey one. I am often forgetful about having enough diapers/or wipes. If I had this precious thing, I would always remember it! Please, Please OOOHHHH Please pick me!!

  9. Tori said:

    What a cute and great idea! I love that it’s machine washable! I usually just stuff a couple of diapers in my purse, and hope I remember the wipes!

  10. Layla said:

    This is a very good idea. I love the Paper Weight fabric, I’ve never seen it before. The crazy pink circles fabric is cute too. I put diapers and a wipes case in a big ziplock bag and put it in my purse or diaper bag. Tres chic, no? This is a much better (and prettier) solution.

  11. Michele P. said:

    Very cute designs! I still like to travel with flushable wipes and wet wipes (for hands/face) with my kids, because no matter how old you get you just never know when you will need something like that. Ever stopped at a portable toilet in the woods and there is NO paper? Yup, been there, done that. And never again. So these are cute, because I could keep what I need in them, in case the family needed something during a long car ride up North in the Maine woods.

  12. aiko said:

    I have this kind but not Tushygear. It’s very helpful indeed that the baby stuff is i one place and the changing mats is already attached.

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