Melissa and Doug Cardboard Blocks

We have a winner this year! One of the best Christmas presents my boys received this year were the Melissa and Doug Cardboard Blocks. Sometimes the simplest toys are the ones our kids love most. These colorful blocks have occupied most of my boys’ time out of all of the presents they received. It has been non-stop fun ever since we opened them!

The Melissa and Doug Cardboard Blocks are very durable and colorful blocks that really touch the imagination. These blocks are made of a heavy duty cardboard but are very light, so even my youngest son can easily build and stack them. My boys have built forts, race tracks, towers and have had a blast not only building but knocking it all down as well. My husband has had a fun time with the boys building all sorts of things, even to the point where he asked me to buy another set so that we could have even more blocks to build bigger things.

The blocks come in three different sizes: small yellow, medium blue, and large red. One red block is the same size as two blue blocks or four yellow blocks. It takes a while to put all the blocks together as they come disassembled in their original packaging. But once you get the hang of it, it’s even fun to assemble these blocks for your kids.

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  1. Cascia @ Healthy Moms said:

    I love Melissa and Doug toys! They are so strong and durable. Wooden toys are great. Thank you for sharing!

  2. remodeling Tucson said:

    Melissa and Doug Cardboard Blocks! As my kids said, “One of our favorite”. I purchased these blocks for my 1 and 4 years old kid, whom I watched every day. They really had fun building this block with its very colorful pieces. This is the kit they want to build medium to large structures. My little niece will celebrate her birthday this weekend and it’s a perfect present for her!

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    Director Remodeling
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  3. Sandra Chace said:

    The best thing I like about this toy is that it does not have any screws, does not need to be blown up very a few minutes, and the card boards cannot be used to blow whistles or honking. Total bliss.

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