MagformersMagformers are truly fantastic and innovative building sets.  My two boys have hours of fun creating and building structures and toys out of these magnetic forms.  They received their very first simple Magformers set a couple of Christmas’s ago and have since gotten some of the more advanced sets.  They continue to play with them to this day at ages 4 and 6, and I am sure they will continue to do so as their imaginations grow.  They create buildings, cars, bridges, spheres, rockets – basically anything that you can imagine.  The magnetic nature of the pieces are what make Magformers so unique.  Nothing is needed to hold the pieces together, because they are magnetically attracted to each other.  And the best part is the cleanup! Because they are magnetic, you can basically pick up a pile of these with just one sweep of your two hands.


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  1. reigna said:

    Wow! Those are cool! Playing Magformers is one way of expanding the imaginations and learning of the kids. It helps them bring out their ideas on building.

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