Crayola Washable Super Tip Markers

Both my boys are absolutely loving these awesome Crayola Markers!  We bought two sets of 50 about two months ago and all the markers are still going strong.  These markers feature a “Super Tip” which allows children to draw very fine, thin lines as well as being able to use the sides for coloring thick lines.  There are actually 50 distinct colors in the packs and 12 of them are referred to as “Silly Scent” markers.  These 12 markers really do have great scents and are listed as follows: Cherry, Spice, Orange, Lemon, Honeysuckle, Green Apple, Forest Pine, Fresh Air, Bay Breeze, Burnt Marshmallow and Vanilla.

I’ve been able to wash these markers off of wood tables, walls, hands and even a white shirt.  They truly are very washable!  They will bleed through very thin paper, such as that of regular coloring book paper, so I recommend buying a thicker type paper or even craft paper if you want your little one’s artwork to remain on one side of the paper.

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