Capri Sun 100% Fruit Juice

How excited am I that Capri Sun has finally made a 100% fruit juice available? Very! I have always been disappointed that most fruit juices for children have 15% fruit juice and a whole bunch of other additives. Slowly, things seems to be changing around and it is getting a lot easier to finally find 100% juices both bottled and boxed.

Capri Sun is now in my awesome book because my kids love to drink out of those silver pouches, they are easy to pack, easy to store, and now have a 100% juice variety. These varieties currently come in Citrus, Grape, Berry, Apple, and Fruit Punch. My boys love the berry and fruit punch varieties most of all. I wish we could get other juice companies to follow suit, but I just have to say Kudos to Capri Sun. You’ve made this mama and her kids very happy!

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