Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies Baby Wipes are something that I still use today even with my boys being older. My personal favorites are the Fragrance-Free Natural Care ones. I have been using these wipes for over 6 years and absolutely love them. When my kids were babies, they were the softest, most gentle baby wipes on their little bums. These wipes also were durable and did not rip with some heavier cleaning needs. My kids still use these wipes to wipe their mouths, wipe their hands, wipe up spills, etc. I always keep a box in my car for anything my kids or I would need them for that would need a bit of cleaning.

I, myself, use Huggies Baby Wipes daily to remove makeup! They work better than any makeup remover wipe that I have tried in the past and they are so much less expensive then paying for those brand-name makeup remover wipes. Plus, they are very gentle on your face and are able to pretty much remove any makeup you throw at them! I always travel with them to keep my face feeling fresh and clean.

I found that the best place to get these wipes at unbelievably low prices is at Walmart stores and

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  1. Sally Gary said:

    I’ve found Tushies baby wipes very useful for my twin boys. One of the boys seems to have more sensitive skin than the other and these wipes have been great for her leaving no red marks unlike some other brands. Not to mention both of the boys are going through some teething problems at the moment so we’re going through more dirty nappies a day, and still no sign of nappy rash.

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