Custard ‘n Jelly Guardian Angels

The Custard ‘n Jelly Guardian Angels are a set of amazingly adorable dolls created and originally drawn by a young girl at the age of 8. There are seven Guardian Angel Dolls: Ally, Ruby, Roxy, Lexi, Katie, Laney, and Cami. Each one has a unique and interesting story (angel skills and wing status) which highlights their special angel skills and how they will watch over their new owner. They are all 8″ soft fabric dolls with cute embroidered faces and interchangeable outfits. Each Guardian Angel also has a set of iridescent wings and halo.

My first reaction to these lovely dolls were how very cute they are. My nieces really loved these dolls when they saw them. They are a good size for pretend doll play and are soft enough to cuddle and even sleep with. I think they are well suited for girls for ages 5 and up, because they make for great play dolls at that age and have a wonderful story that parents can share with their children. Also, when your little girl receives her angel, she gets a code to register her angel, allowing her to donate a part of the proceeds to one of three children’s charities.

You can get your own Guardian Angel doll on their website: Custard ‘n Jelly and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a really nice CafePress Page which has cute accessories for a little girl (and her mom too!)

*Disclaimer* I was graciously sent two of these lovely dolls from Custard ‘n Jelly and am not, in anyway, being compensated otherwise for this review.

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